January 13, 2015

Location: Featherweight

Moderator: Michael Fleming


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  • Do you start with an idea or with material?
  • How do you know when a piece is done?

Michael Fleming begins our third discussion by asking whether our process begins with idea or with material. Raul Velverde talks about his varying process of research that precedes each work that he makes. Amie Cunat questions how that research takes shape because her own “research” is as simple as seeing something that she is drawn to. Any interest in a specific visual element is enough to constitute research. She goes on to say that her paintings echo the things that she is interested in rather than depict those things. When choosing a material to create a work, a certain set of ideas already comes that specific material. Jay Paavonpera uses a variety of everyday household items in hopes of helping a wider audience find a connection to his work. May Yueng describes how these household items are not as intimidating as painting may be. Many of the contributors in the talk have interdisciplinary and conceptual practices. The idea of logic comes up several times as a way to make sense of the kind of work they do. Because aesthetics are not important, a different type of logic needs to be established. This is influenced by history, an artist’s conviction and research. Toward the end of the discussion, we spoke about a video that Michael had sent beforehand to ground the conversation. We discussed the idea of deheroizing the artist’s practice and having a grand statement to say for a more daily art practice of going to the studio and working everyday.

Watch the video that Michael sent: Jan Verwoert:‘Why are conteptual artists painting again? Because they think it’s a good idea